Why Help Immigrants Learn English

Many migrants to the US struggle with basic literacy in the English Language.  Society as whole is wise when it offers classes and resources to help immigrants master the intricacies of our language.

Residents of our country become net contributors to our economy as their English approves.  With English skills comes the ability go get better jobs and thus pay more taxes.  Also they start to gain access to the credit market, making them stronger consumers and drivers of Economic growth.

As education, English skills, and experience improve, many enterprising immigrants start new businesses.  These businesses in turn can increase employment levels amonst new immigrants and citizens alike as they expand and create more jobs!

Other benefits to English literacy is that immigrants with this skill can access the English language internet, rather than relying on the small portions of the internet written in their native tongue.

Literacy Classes In Toronto

We are pleased to offer English language classes to those new to Canada in our new building. Our English language courses consist of both reading and writing skills. Through partnering with the Canadian Government, we have been able to get 20 volunteer teachers to teach on weekends.

It has taken us over two years to get this facility up and running but after much effort, we have managed to do it. Through partners and private donors, our dream has become a reality. We estimate that over 2000 students will graduate annually from over english academy. We will also teach immigrants about what is it like to be Canadian and to understand the Canadian identity. We would like to thank TBV HVAC, a heating installation company located in Toronto and Richmond hill. Now that our furnace units and ac units are installed, we are fully operational. These units have been donated to us and we are very thankful for them. Habitat for Humanity has also been a great help with providing the know how for the building process.

Literacy of Immigrants and Their Ability to Find Jobs

Many immigrants come to all parts of Canada to find work. Usually because of their poor language skills, they are given some of the worst jobs. These jobs are often dangerous to one’s health and can negatively affect families. When immigrants come to a new country, they should be given the necessary skills and knowledge to as know where they can find employment. For example Ontario Farming has initiatives to help safeguard against the exploitation of refugees in the agricultural sector. Our organisation works to help Toronto refugees find a suitable place to work and earn a decent wage. One of the largest employers in Toronto of immigrants is a toronto landscape design company/contractor. Through treating immigrants fairly and helping to teach them the english language, many immigrants at the company have gone to start their own businesses in different provinces. This Toronto Immigrant Resource is a must read for anyone who is coming to Canada and specifically Toronto. Recently Amex Canada Inc has also partnered with the Toronto Immigrant Resource to help refugees attain employment and they are doing a great job.

It is vita for refugees to gain proper workplace employment and experience so that they do not stay in low income jobs. It is through diversity that makes a country or city stronger and our job is to promote this. 

Promoting Literacy Among Syrian Refugees

The literacy forum has dedicated substantial resources to helping Syrian refugees assimilate into society. Significant barriers exist in their assimilation and learning the english language is one of them. Our organization has helped  Syrian refugees enter countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. So far we have helped settle 10,000 refugees in these countries and have also provided them literacy aids such as books and computers.

Thanks to our generous donors, Syrian children refugees can learn the english language. Special books have been printed by us in order to translate arabic words to english. Through this way, it will be easier for the refugees to pick up the english language faster.

In regards to computer literacy, special budget laptops have been donated. The Nirmaan Organization is helping in such causes through the donation of laptops.  Programs have been installed on these computers so that it is easy for the english language to be learnt. We would like to thank our sponsors for providing halal meat to the refugees in TorontoLondon and New York.

International Literacy Organization Launches Global Computer Education Program

If you have not yet learned Windows to your satisfaction, or need to become more comfortable in your use of the many great features of Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, or the Internet, then now would be an excellent time to give us a call and let us begin to help you acquire the skills that you need.

Imagine a computer learning environment with a maximum class size of 5 students. The computer subject could be learned more rapidly and the pace of the class could more easily be adjusted to the needs of each student. And, what if the cost of the class was competitive with schools that have a much higher teacher-student ratio? We are currently offering that exact learning opportunity! We believe that more will be learned and retained in our 6 hour class than in the typical 6-8 hour class program at a school with a much larger student-teacher ratio. And, with our 3 hours one day, 3 hours another approach to each subject, our students learn more and are much more comfortable than if each course was taught in a single day.

Free telephone support is offered to class participants, so that when questions arise, our students will be able to call for help.

Students needing additional review may retake a class one time free within a 9 month period.

A handbook covering the class curriculum will be given to each student upon completion of the course. The handbook covers the topics in a checklist fashion, making it an excellent source for future reference.

Upon the conclusion of each course, a certificate of completion will be made available to those students desiring it.

Classes are offered selected mornings, afternoons, and evenings. Just check the enclosed schedule, and then call the Center at 980-989-7644 to reserve a spot in the class of your choice.