Literacy Classes In Toronto

We are pleased to offer English language classes to those new to Canada in our new building. Our English language courses consist of both reading and writing skills. Through partnering with the Canadian Government, we have been able… Read More

Literacy of Immigrants and Their Ability to Find Jobs

Many immigrants come to all parts of Canada to find work. Usually because of their poor language skills, they are given some of the worst jobs. These jobs are often dangerous to one’s health and can negatively affect… Read More

Promoting Literacy Among Syrian Refugees

The literacy forum has dedicated substantial resources to helping Syrian refugees assimilate into society. Significant barriers exist in their assimilation and learning the english language is one of them. Our organization has helped ¬†Syrian refugees enter countries such… Read More

International Literacy Organization Launches Global Computer Education Program

WELCOME TO THE COMPUTER LITERACY CENTER If you have not yet learned Windows to your satisfaction, or need to become more comfortable in your use of the many great features of Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, or the… Read More

Why Help Immigrants Learn English

Many migrants to the US struggle with basic literacy in the English Language.¬† Society as whole is wise when it offers classes and resources to help immigrants master the intricacies of our language. Residents of our country become… Read More