Literacy Classes In Toronto

We are pleased to offer English language classes to those new to Canada in our new building. Our English language courses consist of both reading and writing skills. Through partnering with the Canadian Government, we have been able to get 20 volunteer teachers to teach on weekends.

It has taken us over two years to get this facility up and running but after much effort, we have managed to do it. Through partners and private donors, our dream has become a reality. We estimate that over 2000 students will graduate annually from over english academy. We will also teach immigrants about what is it like to be Canadian and to understand the Canadian identity. We would like to thank TBV HVAC, a heating installation company located in Toronto and Richmond hill. Now that our furnace units and ac units are installed, we are fully operational. These units have been donated to us and we are very thankful for them. Habitat for Humanity has also been a great help with providing the know how for the building process.