Literacy of Immigrants and Their Ability to Find Jobs

Many immigrants come to all parts of Canada to find work. Usually because of their poor language skills, they are given some of the worst jobs. These jobs are often dangerous to one’s health and can negatively affect families. When immigrants come to a new country, they should be given the necessary skills and knowledge to as know where they can find employment. For example Ontario Farming has initiatives to help safeguard against the exploitation of refugees in the agricultural sector. Our organisation works to help Toronto refugees find a suitable place to work and earn a decent wage. One of the largest employers in Toronto of immigrants is a toronto landscape design company/contractor. Through treating immigrants fairly and helping to teach them the english language, many immigrants at the company have gone to start their own businesses in different provinces. This Toronto Immigrant Resource is a must read for anyone who is coming to Canada and specifically Toronto. Recently Amex Canada Inc has also partnered with the Toronto Immigrant Resource to help refugees attain employment and they are doing a great job.

It is vita for refugees to gain proper workplace employment and experience so that they do not stay in low income jobs. It is through diversity that makes a country or city stronger and our job is to promote this.