Promoting Literacy Among Syrian Refugees

The literacy forum has dedicated substantial resources to helping Syrian refugees assimilate into society. Significant barriers exist in their assimilation and learning the english language is one of them. Our organization has helped  Syrian refugees enter countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. So far we have helped settle 10,000 refugees in these countries and have also provided them literacy aids such as books and computers.

Thanks to our generous donors, Syrian children refugees can learn the english language. Special books have been printed by us in order to translate arabic words to english. Through this way, it will be easier for the refugees to pick up the english language faster.

In regards to computer literacy, special budget laptops have been donated. The Nirmaan Organization is helping in such causes through the donation of laptops.  Programs have been installed on these computers so that it is easy for the english language to be learnt. We would like to thank our sponsors for providing halal meat to the refugees in Toronto, London and New York.