Many teachers are dedicated to bringing information literacy education into the classroom. But not everyone is sure how to get their students interested in the material. The visual and audio stimulation that video content provides can be a big help, and Ezvid Wikimaker is a useful tool for creating videos quickly, even if you have no experience with editing techniques. Whether you teach grade school, college, or anything in-between, you can use this program to come up with fun assignments and put together easily accessible study materials.

Ideas for Using Ezvid Wikimaker

  • Put together a fictional news broadcast for your students to analyze
  • Have students make both an honest and a misleading commercial for a product
  • Create video versions of your lessons for anyone who was out sick
  • Make a wiki that explains the different ways of analyzing information
  • Assign your students a video essay about the importance of critical thinking

Ezvid Wikimaker vs Other Video Editors

Feature Wikimaker Other Video Editors
Web-only workflow
Instant screen recording
Publish to Ezvid Wiki
Built-in Fair Use Images & Video
Voice Synthesis
Videos over 8 minutes

Wikimaker System Requirements

  • Desktop computer: Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Chromebook
  • 1280x800 (or larger) display
  • Google Chrome browser
  • High-speed Internet connection

The Importance of Information Literacy

More Information

Information literacy, as defined by the United States National Forum on the subject, is "the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand." This skill isn't just helpful; it's a necessary part of being an informed person. Without the capacity to discern true facts from falsehoods, it's almost impossible to understand the world around us. So bringing information literacy into the classroom is essential to creating a more enlightened society.

But what's the best way to teach it? If you approach it the wrong way, your students might not be able to grasp the concept, and some might simply get bored. Making sure that everyone in the classroom is truly engaged is the best way to ensure that they will take your lessons to heart and apply them to their lives outside of school.

Ezvid Wikimaker can be a helpful tool in this regard. It uses a combination of text and video that will appeal not only to traditional learners, but also to those who prefer to get information visually or aurally. You can use these wikis to supplement your lesson, or you can give your pupils video assignments, letting them share what they've learned in a fun and creative way.

The software is different from other video editing programs. Most options are built around the visuals, but Wikimaker begins with the words. Simply type the content of your video into a text box and it will be turned into voice synthesis and paired with relevant fair-use visuals and music. And since each wiki is broken up into distinct sections, similar to how an essay is divided into paragraphs, it can help students learn how to structure their writing.

You can also add your own pictures and video clips. Search the built-in database to see what fair use options are available, upload custom visuals that you have saved to your computer, or capture content from around the web using Wikimaker Capture. This is a free software that's built specifically to work with Ezvid Wikimaker.

Capture is available as both a Chrome browser extension and a free download for either Windows or Mac. Both versions allow you to capture any image you find online. The desktop version lets you capture from other programs, crop and resize, or even draw on images for added emphasis. And you can make video recordings of your screen, so students can watch you perform any task on your computer.

Once you've gotten a rough draft together, you can watch it right away and see if you want to tweak anything. You can also look over each section individually, or just read through the text without pressing play. But listening to the voice synthesis read everything out loud is a great way to catch errors that might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

Unlike most video-makers, Ezvid Wikimaker is hosted entirely online. So you don't need to dedicate a harddrive to storing large video files, and your wiki will be safe even if your computer crashes. Plus, students can work on their projects at school, at home, in the library, or anywhere else without having to move a bunch of files from place to place.

When you're ready to publish, you can host your creation on Ezvid Wiki. This means that any video presentations you make using the program will be available online for your students to watch any time. And if you decide to have your students make their own wikis as an assignment, they'll be able to submit them simply by sending you a link, and you won't have to deal with any malfunctioning flash drives when it comes time to present them in class. Plus, they'll be able to share their creations with family and friends.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to use Wikimaker however you want. Create a fictional news broadcast that can be analyzed by the class. Have your students create a video essay about the importance of skepticism. Or let them stretch their imaginations a little by asking them to make an "honest" version of a misleading commercial.

Assignments like this seem more exciting than traditional essays. But, at their core, they're still writing assignments. After the wikis are published, you can look through the written text and check for any grammatical errors.

Whether you want to make content for pupils to watch or let them add a little flair to their homework, Ezvid Wikimaker can help enhance your classroom. Information literacy can be a tough concept to grasp. But with all of their senses engaged, students are sure to absorb the critical thinking skills you are providing them with, so they can apply them to whatever they watch and read in the real world.

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